Strangers on the Shore — Summer Night pt.8

“Mmm..” I nodded, unsatisfied with his words and drank the soda to the bottom. Chill wind passed my face giving indescribable lingering feeling. Maybe Oldman’s words were true to and I was in dismay or maybe, denial. It just I felt it was more than that and couldn’t be solved just by saying you can do it. It was so complicated and heard a simple answer irritated me.

“Hey lad, seems like you see life in a bitter way. Here, listen, of course what’s on my plate and your plate are different, everyone’s plate are different. Maybe yours are more complicated with some new hybrid problems, but it all still will down into some same basic things, no matter how intricate it looks at the first glance.” He nudged my shoulder.

“And a simple ‘this too shall pass, that too will pass’ won’t miraculously made me motivated and suddenly becomes enlightened, am I?”. I turned to him with a jeering face. I knew I sound like someone very stubborn and foolish, complaining about life to a stranger but I felt he understood me, so I dared to step up the game.

“Look, my generation already laid out both good and bad examples in life. The good can tell the glory of chivalry while the bad one can tell the story of violence, but funny things sometimes it’s all done by the same people. So just see and pick the one suitable for you”.

“Funny things there are what human is”. We looked at the line where the sea met the sky. If the water was the bad and the sky was the good, was that make the horizon the human?

“Oldman, don’t you think we’ve been here too long without a single catch? Even my line doesn’t move an inch”. I pointed at our fishing rods which placed between rocks. His line swayed along the waves, but mine strained tight.

“Is this your first time fishing? It’s not even an hour yet.” He stood and checked at our fishing rods. “I think your hook get stuck in the rock. Try reel it in, but I think it stuck, the line is so tight”. He pointed at my strained line.

“Why don’t tell me before, ugh” I got up and tried to reel the line in, it got stuck.

“Well.. I think you know”.

“This is my first time fishing in the last 2 decades!” Oldman saw my struggle with this fishing activities and helped me reel my hook using his skill.

“And.. for how many decades you’ve been living..?”

“Three!” I sulked.

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