“So she was not completely ostracized then” Youngman responded. I sent him tensed glare, did we have had concluded that she was indeed being ostracized? He talked as if it was complete facts. “I mean if it’s true. If.” He clarified in hurry.

“That’s okay, I understand. I would doubt…

“Is it really bad? Her situation” Youngman broke the silence. “I was an outcast too in high school.” He looked at Store Owner, waiting for him to share his uneasiness.

I was still trying to process the Store Owner’s worry but then Youngman’s unexpected confession stupefied me. Was that for…

My greed for summer roll was not satisfied yet, seeing another bag laid beside Store Owner, my hunger made me coveted it a bit. This was how good things could blind a person. Even when it was started because of someone’s generosity towards you, greed knew no boundaries.

“Hmm, Store…


Hello world:)

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